TRAVEL GUIDE – Arctic Quebec-Labrador Peninsula

TRAVEL GUIDE – Arctic Quebec-Labrador Peninsula

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Written by: Alain Lagacé

Tour ideas in Arctic Quebec and Labrador, places to visit, testimonies of travelers... Find all the information to prepare your trip in the Far North.

It is a true wild paradise surrounded by seas, oceans, and deep fjords where nature has remained intact for millennia. Its picture-postcard mountainous coastline stretches over 800 km. Visitors who have had the chance to visit the Golden Peninsula will tell you that it is one of the most beautiful wild coastlines in the world. Amateur of photographs and hikes, you will certainly be in paradise on the Golden Peninsula!

National Parks

On the Golden Peninsula (30,000 km2) there are 3 national parks that protect a large part of the southern ecozone of the Arctic Cordillera: in the province of Labrador the Torngat Mountains Park (8700 km2), in Quebec the Kuururjuaq Park (4460 km2) and Ulittaniujalik (5293 km2).

Open-access wilderness areas

The Golden Peninsula includes more than 10,000 km2 of open-access wilderness areas outside national parks. This vast wilderness, count many natural sites that few people have had the chance to visit.

How to reach the Golden Peninsula?

Access to the Golden Peninsula is from Montreal with Canadian North. A northbound flight takes you directly to the capital of Nunavik – Kuujjuaq. The Boeing 737 flight is 2 hours long and covers 1,447 km (899 miles). After a short stop in Kuujjuaq, you will board an Air Inuit charter flight that will take you along the George River to Wedge Hills Lodge. The Twin-Otter flight is .60 minutes and covers 208 km (130 miles).


Wedge Hills is where your Golden Peninsula adventure begins. Wedge Hills Lodge offers comfortable accommodation in a 5-star lodge. Enjoy the services of this little corner of paradise during daily departures or transfer days to the most remote sites.

If the level of comfort is not your top priority and you are looking for a real authentic adventure, then our tailor-made bivouac tours under the tent will take you to the most remote places of the Golden Peninsula. You will thus spend much more time in nature to live exceptional experiences.

Pilot and travel guide

The pilots and guides of Golden Peninsula Tours/ Wedge Hills Lodge perfectly know the great peninsula of Arctic Quebec and Labrador. Our pilots are therefore not only pilots, but they also accompany you and guide you throughout your excursions. Our travel guides are passionate about their work, they will be happy to make you discover the region with the greatest enthusiasm.


Floatplane type

The floatplanes we use are the De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver and the Cessna C-206. These floatplanes with high wings perfectly clear the view from the windows. The Beaver has 5 seats and cruising speed is 160 km/h (100 mph). The C-206 has 4 seats and cruising speed is 193 km/h (120 mph).

Safety is our main concern, and our floatplanes are maintained and serviced on a regular basis by competent mechanics.

Tailor-made trip

Our tailor-made trips offer great flexibility and freedom in all aspects of your trip. You can decide the dates of the stay that suit you, accommodation, or activities that you want to do or not. You just have to select what really interests you and we will submit you a tailor-made trip.

Top 10 things to do in the Golden Peninsula

  1. Observation and photography of polar bears at the end of the continent
  2. Hiking and photography of wildlife on the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula
  3. Tour of the emblematic sites of the Golden Peninsula
  4. Discovering the Arctic Tundra Biome
  5. Air safari over the Iceberg Alley and stop in the fjords
  6. Trek above the Hebron Fjord Lake in Labrador
  7. Hiking and photography in the Secret Garden of the Monoliths
  8. Wildlife and Nature Hike on the Esker Northern Divide and Fraser Canyon
  9. Wildlife and nature fat bike tour in the Moraine Desert Valley
  10. Packrafting on the Hebron River


Polar Bear | Iceberg Alley | Hebron Fjord Lake | Arctic Tundra Biome | Arctic Flora | Secret Garden of the Monoliths | Labrador Coast | Moraine Desert Valley | Tundra-Dwelling Black Bear | Merewether Crater | Kettle Lakes | Hebron River | Esker Northern Divide | Ikarut Waterfall | Kaumajet Mountains | Fraser Canyon | Aurora Borealis | Ice Tunnel

Which wild animals are most often seen?

Without a doubt, they are the black bears of the tundra. If you go to the coast of Ungava and Labrador you will see polar bears, whales, seals, and walruses. In the mountainous Torngat region you will probably see caribou, wolves, and foxes.

When is the best time to observe animals?

It is at dawn, when the night gives way to the first light of day, that the animals are most active. The real secret to seeing animal life in its natural habitat, is to spend a lot of time outdoors, to be discreet, to scrutinize the pathways and to listen to nature.

When to go to Arctic Quebec and Labrador?

As much as the Arctic Quebec-Labrador Peninsula is rich and varied in terms of landscapes and animal life, its weather is unpredictable. However, if this is your first trip to Arctic Quebec-Labrador, we advise you to do it in the summer.

Trip in July

To enjoy the days with long hours of daylight, see the fauna and flora that awakens after the harsh arctic winter, we advise you to leave in July. It is also the ideal time to go on a air safari to discover the Arctic tundra biome, visit fjords, waterfalls and photograph icebergs.

August trip

If you opt for August, you will enjoy better weather conditions. It is also the recommended time to go hiking in the Torngat Mountains, by the sea, at the northeastern end of North America and visit the emblematic sites of the Gold Peninsula. From mid-August the northern lights are back with wonderful color shows. It is also the ideal time to see arctic char migrating into rivers and observe the «unique» behavior of polar bears.

September trip

September is known for its colourful tundra, northern lights, and snow-capped mountains. It is also an excellent time to observe the behaviour of black bears, polar bears, and caribou while temperatures are falling. By count, September is known for its more difficult weather conditions. Strong winds, rain and fog are almost always part of a trip during this period. There are no bad days for a visit in September, just be well prepared, have the spirit of adventure, good clothes and embrace nature as it is. When surrounded by mountains in a pure and wild environment, there is always something to see, do and discover.



An unforgettable experience!

August 2023. With friends.

Today was one of the best days of my life. Several elements of my bucket list have been realized. From a floatplane landing in the heart of the Torngat Mountains, to photographing icebergs, to seeing the migration of hundreds of chars, black bears running in the mountains and ending this excursion with a hike in a place that resembled the planet Mars. Today was truly a day I will never forget and cherish for the rest of my life. P. S. Try iceberg ice, it’s incredible!

R. Piccacalla, Ontario, Canada

Fantastic excursion with a great pilot-guide.

August 2023. Between brothers.

What a day! Hebron, the Ungava and its icebergs, its arctic char, its huge traces of polar bears and caribou and what about the Garden of the Monoliths with «Big-Bird», the rabbit and the turtle, the 3 sisters, the arctic hare galloping, the permafrost lowland, wildflowers along the creek… I will long remember this day as one of my most memorable.

P. Godet, Quebec, Canada

Great experience in the Arctic.

August 2023. With friends.

I can say with all my heart that our floatplane adventure in the Torngat was one of the best trips I have ever had. In such a remote location, our guides took the utmost precautions to ensure our safety at every stage of the journey. Jean is an excellent pilot, expert in mountain navigation and marine environment, Alain our guide has knowledge that I could not imagine on the natural history of the region. The food was excellent, as was the company! What an amazing adventure! As someone said during the trip, “It’s not hard to smile here!”

M. Melnyk, Ontario, Canada.

Unforgettable moments!

August 2023. As a couple.

An outing in the Quebec and Labradorian Far North is certainly to want to live unforgettable moments. Guided by two exceptional people, we will long remember such an adventure to discover an exceptional landscape was beyond our expectations.

E. Lechasseur, Québec, Canada.


Developing and designing your tailor-made trip is our specialty!

Specialist in tailor-made trips for more than 30 years, take advantage of our know-how and our knowledge, to live authentic discovery experiences in the heart of one of the most beautiful unspoiled wild regions in the world, with a choice of circuits adapted according to your tastes, your interests and what you really want to discover.

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