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Wedge Hills Lodge - An Adventurer's Paradise

In the heart of the subarctic, just above the 57th parallel north in Nunavik, Quebec, Wedge Hills Lodge sits perched on a hilltop overlooking the majestic George River - a waterway well-known for its fantastic Atlantic salmon and brook trout fishing. The location is the main attraction - far from the bustle of urban life, and right in the middle of breathtaking landscapes, home to wildlife species found in only a few rare corners of the earth that have rarely been photographed.

Discover the amazing fishing opportunities, photography and adventure tours, and well-appointed accommodations offered at Wedge Hills Lodge for an unforgettable escape into the wild. With all-inclusive packages from Montréal, we make traveling to such a remote area smooth and civilized.


First class amenities
and service in the far north

Let us charm you with our cozy atmosphere and first-class service at the lodge. A vacation so far away from civilization doesn’t mean you have to do without the comforts of urban life!

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Fly fishing and tours in the North of Quebec
Fly fishing and tours in the North of Quebec

Discover The
Golden Peninsula

Located in the most northeastern region of North America, the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula, which we truly consider and call the “Golden Peninsula”, is one of the wildest places on the planet.

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The Ultimate
Fly Fishing Destination

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