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The Golden Peninsula

Located in the most northeastern region of North America, the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula, which we truly consider and call the "Golden Peninsula", is one of the wildest places on the planet. Far from mass tourism, this arctic region has exceptional sites that attracts more and more travelers in search of wonders that have never been photographed.

Explore one of the last wild worlds; discover stunning new landscapes and make unpredictable encounters with wildlife so unaccustomed to human interaction that they demonstrate curiosity as opposed to fear towards man.

The Golden Peninsula

The Golden Peninsula is a denomination designed to promote the most remarkable tourist sites on the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula.

  • The Torngat Mountains National Park is a National Park of Canada located in Labrador. This park aims to protect a large territory full of natural resources.
  • The Kuururjuaq National Park is one of 24 national parks in Quebec, Canada. Its mission is to protect the valley of the Koroc River and part of the Torngat Mountains. Mount D’Iberville, the highest mountain in Quebec, is located in this park.
  • The Ulittaniujalik National Park is a national park of Quebec located in Nunavik. This territory protects shorelines left by the Wisconsin Glaciation. This reserve also includes part of the George River.

Golden Peninsula Tours, also includes journeys to many places outside of the three national parks, such as the Secret Garden of the Monoliths, the Merewether Crater, Hebron Fjord, Fraser Canyon and many other places of tourist interest.

Golden Peninsula tours
Golden Peninsula tours Golden Peninsula tours Golden Peninsula tours

The Golden Peninsula is a tourist region with many natural resources such as fjords, canyons, waterfalls, craters and many other wonders that have led to the creation of three (3) national parks. The climate on the peninsula is the second coldest in Quebec-Labrador, and is excessively harsh and dry with a very short growing season. Because of the severity of the climate for most of the year, wildlife is among the most resilient in the world to survive.

The Golden Peninsula is an exceptional region with many opportunities to photograph animals in their natural habitat – caribou, polar bears, black bears, wolves, foxes, peregrine falcon, golden eagles …It is also a paradise for adventurers seeking a wild and unexplored area to practice their favorite sport – such as backpacking, mountain biking or packrafting.

Golden Peninsula tours

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The Golden Peninsula is a vast, sparsely populated area with only two Inuit communities along its coastline. Between the community of Kangiqsualujjuaq (George River) on the east coast of Ungava and the village of Nain on the north coast of Labrador, there are more than 760 km / 475 miles of wild shoreline. The interior territory between these two coasts is vacant of human settlements and covers an area of ​​more than 70,000 km2, including 42,000 km2 by the Torngat Mountains.

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