Air safari in Arctic Quebec and Labrador

Air safari in Arctic Quebec and Labrador

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Written by Alain Lagacé

We know that a trip to the Far North of Arctic Quebec and Labrador brings many opportunities to see and do new things. This is why we create discovery tours in small groups "Golden Peninsula Tours" to discover the best places of the Far North of Quebec and Labrador.

We never allow more than 8 passengers on these tours, this small group ratio means fully personalized service from start to finish and allows us to deliver absolutely unique wildlife experiences.

You will explore some of the most revered safari destinations in Arctic Quebec and Labrador, such as Torngat Mountains National Park, Kuururjuaq National Park, Merewether Crater, Ice River, Hebron Gorge, Labrador Plateau filled with unseen natural wonders near Torngat National Park! Keep your eyes peeled for polar bears, walrus, caribou, wolves, black bears, snowy owls and more.

Golden Peninsula Tours go beyond safari, highlights include Saglek Fjord, Hebron Fjord, Moraine Desert Valley, Ice River, Dry Canyon, Esker Northern Divide, Labrador Coast with its icebergs, the spectacular Thunder Falls and Delta Falls that flow into Fraser Canyon in Labrador.

You will also experience a tented bivouac safari in the heart of the arctic tundra, unique encounters with wildlife that does not fear humans and taste Labrador Tea at the top of a fjord.

Go beyond the ordinary and spend more time enjoying the riches of the Far North of Arctic Quebec and Labrador with Golden Peninsula Tours.

If you need help planning your next 2021 Golden Peninsula adventure, let us know.

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