Packrafting Hebron River in the Torngat Mountains

Packrafting Hebron River in the Torngat Mountains

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Written by Alain Lagacé

Going in packraft in the Torngat Mountains to discover the scenic Hebron River is a unique experience as much for its landscapes as for its natural wonders, its arctic fauna and flora.

The months of July and August are ideal for combining the packraft with hiking in the ancient glacial valleys of Labrador. Along the way, you can take a day or two of hiking to visit the mysterious Merewether Crater or a secret «Slot Canyon» where no tourist has yet set foot.

The chasms and waterfalls in the lower part of the Hebron River are counted by the dozen and require a portage of 9 km to get around them. The river then flows slowly for 11 km before reaching the vertiginous walls of the Inner Fjord of Hebron. Once at the fjord you can climb to the top of the rock walls which overhang the fjord by a small valley to admire from the air the largest inland fjord of Labrador "Hebron Fjord Lake".

During this 14-day, 45-km packraft trip, it is not uncommon to see caribou, hares, ptarmigan, geese, wolves and Arctic foxes in their natural habitats.

Far from mass tourism, the descent of the river Hebron in packraft is an expedition that is aimed at adventurers who have the sense of adventure and who are looking for a prestine river where everything is to be discovered.

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