Hebron Fjord Trek – Seeing is Believing

Hebron Fjord Trek – Seeing is Believing

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Written by Alain Lagacé

Hebron Fjord Lake is arguably the most beautiful freshwater fjord in Arctic Labrador. Wherever you go, there is a wide variety of landscapes to discover – plunging cliffs over 800 meters, vertiginous waterfalls, crystal clear waters, areas of lush vegetation, colorful thermokarst lakes, deltas of glacial alluvium, and more incredible rock formations and wildlife.

Due to its beautiful wild landscapes and dreamy untouched nature, Hebron is a favorite spot for nature-loving tourists from all over the world.

Hebron is "THE TREK" in Labrador not to be missed!

One of the great peculiarities of the Hebron Fjord is that the peaks above the fjord are easily accessible. Outdoor enthusiasts who want to go wilderness camping and hiking will be delighted by the ease of access and the many options. In less than a day's walk, a physically fit hiker can cover the 8 km distance to get above the fjord.

The peaks rounded by the glaciers that border the northern ridge of the fjord, allow you to make pleasant discovery hikes of several tens of kilometers with different levels of difficulty. A trek over the Hebron Fjord will appeal to enthusiastic walkers looking for challenges, stunning scenery and arctic wildlife such as caribou, ptarmigan and arctic hares.

In terms of ranking, Hebron is the second largest fjord on the Labrador coast. Hebron Fjord and Hebron Fjord Lake, incise the chain of the Torngat Mountains over more than 70 km. At the mouth of the fjord is Iceberg Alley, it is an exceptional place to see icebergs, whales and polar bears. There is also the mysterious ghost town of Hebron. Founded in 1829 by German Moravian missionaries to evangelize the Inuit of the Labrador Coast, Hebron is a must for those curious about history.

At the western end of Hebron Fjord Lake, the highest waterfall in the province of Labrador flows from the top of the cliff. The Hebron waterfall is twice as high as the Eiffel Tower, it is over 720 meters high.

Besides camping and hiking above the fjord, Hebron also offers the possibility of pack rafting, kayaking and fishing on the fjord.

Day trip by floatplane

Day visitors who want to satisfy their appetite for Arctic Labrador discovery and adventure can join a small group of four (4) for a guided floatplane tour from Wedge Hills Lodge. You explore both from the air and from the ground the most emblematic sites around the fjord. As a bonus, everyone will have a window seat and headphones to hear the naturalist-guide's narration, and you can take photos and videos.

On the program for the day: flight over the grandiose landscapes above the Labrador plateau – crater, Kettles Lake, eskers, canyons, waterfalls, gorges, deltas, and many other magnificent landscapes worthy of the most beautiful postcards await you.

A stop on the fjord is also planned. Follow your guide, he will be happy to show you the most beautiful photographic points of view. Various activities will also be offered to you, such as pack rafting on the river or on the fjord, arctic char fishing, hiking at the foot of the cliffs and on the beach.

The Hebron Fjord is easily accessible in less than a day's flight from Montreal.

The trip between Montreal, Kuujjuaq and Wedge Hills Lodge (on the George River) brings you within a one (1) hour flight of the Hebron Fjord. Arrived at Wedge Hills Lodge in the early afternoon, you will meet the naturalist guide and the floatplane pilot who will provide an update on your excursion to the fjord.

Let us know what really interests you and we will compose a tailor-made trip adapted to your tastes: - travel in a small group accompanied by an expert guide from the region, - travel without a guide or an autonomous solo trip.


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