Day Trip - Crater, Fjord and Iceberg of Labrador

Day Trip - Crater, Fjord and Iceberg of Labrador

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Written by Alain Lagacé

Anglers looking to satisfy their adventurous appetites can now add a day-long floatplane excursion to their fishing trip and visit the most beautiful places in Arctic Labrador.

This excursion is accompanied by a guide-naturalist-interpreter who is very familiar with the region of the Torngats Mountains and the Labrador Coast.

Departing from Wedge Hills Lodge your guide will provide crucial information to understand the postglacial landscapes, flora and fauna of the Arctic Cordillera ecozone throughout the excursion.

During this day on the Golden Peninsula you will visit various unspoiled natural sites all as amazing as each other: the Merewether Crater, the Kettles lakes, the inner Hebron fjord, Iceberg Alley, the Kaumajet Mountains, the Moraine Desert Valley and the Secret Garden of the Monoliths.

These amazing sites are all within an hour and 15 minutes flight of Wedge Hills Lodge, so it is possible to fit them all into a single day program.

Book your day trip along with your fishing package and get the best rate.


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