Arctic Quebec in September

Arctic Quebec in September

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Written by Alain Lagacé

Would you like to see the fall colors of Arctic Quebec in September? Maybe see bears and the Northern Lights?

September in Arctic Quebec is a magical time of year that marks the start of fall. This natural transition phase is characterized by several breathtaking changes. Like no other season, in September the tundra explodes in fiery colors of ocher, scarlet red and brilliant orange.

Bears and Northern Lights

September is one of the best times to see bears and the Northern Lights. Black bears will not yet have entered into hibernation and there are many opportunities to see them, as well as other animals such as wolves, caribou, ptarmigan...

The Northern Lights are more frequent in September and as soon as they appear they put on a colorful show. This spectacle is even more marked when the snow is present on the ground, the reflection of green, blue, yellow or red hues springs up in the heart of the night on all the reliefs.

[You slowly drift for miles of rivers, stopping at the most beautiful spots to watch bears in the valley blazing with brilliant colors.]

When photographing the fall colors in Arctic Quebec, don't be afraid of a little rain or snow! Wet and colorful fall scenes can be especially magical.

This is the best time to focus on the foliage or moss, because water has the effect of enhancing colors, increasing contrast, and creating texture. Just like freshly fallen snow sparkles in the sun and makes your photo even more artistic.

One of the best ways to enjoy the fall colors in Arctic Quebec is to take a guided boat trip on the George River. You slowly drift for miles of rivers stopping at the most beautiful spots to watch bears in the valley blazing in brilliant colors.

You can also take a one-day or longer air safari to see polar bears splashing in coastal rivers or take a walk in the Secret Garden of the Monoliths to capture the surreal landscape.

In September you can expect bad weather and sometimes even snow. Excursions may be more limited and may take place in the rain. During this period, the temperature fluctuates between 5 and 15 ° C.

One thing is certain, September is the most colorful month of the year and the behavior of bears is exceptional.

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