Wilderness Safari in Bivouac | Arctic Quebec and Labrador

Wilderness Safari in Bivouac | Arctic Quebec and Labrador

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Written by Alain Lagacé

With its vast territory accessible only by air, Arctic Quebec and Labrador are among the few places on earth where it is still possible to observe animal life that it has never encountered humans.

The animal behaviour in this remote northern area really stands out. Taking an attitude of calm and disinterested approach, it is not uncommon to approach polar bears and black bears at less than 20-30 meters. Caribou and wolves generally have more distrustful abilities, but with a good approach and some tricks we can approach them as closely.

To fully discover nature in such a vast region and to make unusual encounters with wildlife there is nothing like doing a wilderness bivouac in safari in the company of expert guides from the region.

A bivouac safari allows you to go on a true wilderness safari without having to go back to the lodge at the end of each day and lose the best viewing time. Accommodation is in simple dome tents with a separate bathroom tent (hot water, sink and shower), followed by a kitchen tent with dining room and a gathering tent powered by a solar panel to view your scenes and recharge your batteries.

Add an inflatable boat, a float plane and a helicopter and you have everything you need to live the most complete experience of a bivouac safari in the wild.

The Southern Arctic Cordillera Ecozone is the area we are targeting for the summer of 2021. Our partner photographer Fabrice Simon will tell you so much about his latest bivouac safari on the northern edge of the Golden Peninsula. One thing is certain, wildlife is always there to surprise you.

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