Why visit Arctic Quebec-Labrador?

Why visit Arctic Quebec-Labrador?

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Written by André Rousseau

But why is the Golden Peninsula in Arctic Quebec-Labrador so fascinating?

Just after a few days you feel like you're going back to the dawn of time, so much so that the landscapes are breathtaking: immense desert spaces, the highest mountain range in continental Canada, glaciers, icebergs, polar bears, the highest tide in the world, countless waterfalls, deep and narrow fjords, aurora borealis, rivers full of fish… On the Golden Peninsula, you can spend weeks visiting all kinds of natural wonders without never manage to see everything.

Discover what I experienced in 7 days... I had dreamed of it, I went there! Here are plenty of good reasons to discover this marvelous forgotten region.

Watch my stay: Wedge Hills Lodge 2022 – Teaser video


Andre Rousseau

Freelance Contributing Videographer


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