Touring the Scenic Wonders of the Torngat

Touring the Scenic Wonders of the Torngat

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Written by: Alain Lagacé

Last week our first group of visitors made the most of their stay in Arctic Quebec and Labrador by visiting some of the most beautiful natural sites of the Golden Peninsula.

When they arrived at Wedge Hills Lodge, they were welcomed by Amanda Kat (owner manager), met Jean Blanchard – floatplane pilot and Alain Lagacé – guide-naturalist-interpreter, both passionate about sharing their knowledge and secret places of the Torngat region.

From the first day they left for a first excursion to discover the subarctic tundra by bike.

In the following days they flew over the plateau of the Georges River and Labrador. They photographed the mysterious Merewether Crater and the colorful Kettle Lakes from the air.

They made a first stop at the largest interior fjord in Labrador, discovered the impressive waterfalls, rocky peaks, steep walls and breathtaking landscapes. On the Labrador coast they flew over the Iceberg Alley, had lunch by the sea, tasted iceberg ice and observed schools of Arctic char.

The flight through the Torngat Mountains introduced them to the post-glacial landscapes of the Moraine Desert Valley and led to the Secret Garden of the Monoliths. They then went on a guided excursion, discovered many monoliths with impressive heterogeneous shapes, such as the bunny and the turtle, the giant mushroom, the stone boat, the two birds, the menhir, the warhead, Stonehenge and many more shapes carved in stone.

At the Quebec-Labrador border, they hiked the Northen-Divide Esker where their guides spotted caribou and went for lunch at Fraser Canyon.

A week full of unforgettable memories and colorful testimonials.


"Thank you for taking the time to inform us about the fauna, flora, and geology. All this information makes a big difference and allows us to understand what we are seeing."

"I will long remember this week as one of my most memorable."

Patrick and Joël Godet, Québec.


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