Tour Labrador’s Hidden Gems

Tour Labrador’s Hidden Gems

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Written by Alain Lagacé

Labrador is famous for being called “The Big Land” because of its towering coastal mountains and fjords. It is dotted with natural wonders and wildlife such as Hebron Fjord, Iceberg Alley and polar bears.

There are many hidden gems across the Golden Peninsula that remain to be discovered. In fact, the Ice River that we explore in the summer must be rediscovered every year because the tongue of ice carved with crevasses and tunnels is in constant transformation.

The Secret Garden of the Monoliths is another gem located in the southern region of the Torngats Mountains. It is one of the most extravagant geological formations in Labrador and is definitely worth a visit.

The Secret Garden of Monoliths transforms the austere beauty of the arctic tundra into an extravagant garden, which not even the most discerning of sculptors could imagine.

It is spread over more than 25 km². A mineral paradise for photographers and nature lovers who delight in his admirable shots and give free rein to his imagination. We can imagine all kinds of shapes, a penguin, a gourd, a giant mushroom, a shark's head, a muffin, the face of a bear...

Our other spots off-the-beaten-path are not revealed at the moment, we have surprises in store for you that you will discover for yourself!

Taking in a combination of “The Big Land’s” regular hot spots as well as some of the best-kept secrets is the perfect way to plan an exciting trip on the Golden Peninsula.

Exploring the Torngat Mountains and fjords is like exploring the final frontier of Labrador and what feels like the edge of the world.

If you want to visit Arctic Labrador undisturbed, this is the place to be.

Take advantage of the long summer days in Arctic Labrador as part of our semi-private group adventure (maximum 8 guests) to create memories, friendships and experiences you will never forget.

Developing and designing your tailor-made trip is our specialty!

Specialist in tailor-made trips for more than 30 years, take advantage of our know-how and our knowledge, to live authentic discovery experiences in the heart of one of the most beautiful unspoiled wild regions in the world, with a choice of circuits adapted according to your tastes, your interests and what you really want to discover.

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