The Torngat Mountains in June | Climate, Activities and Events

The Torngat Mountains in June | Climate, Activities and Events

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Written by Alain Lagacé

What to expect in the Torngat Mountains in June? What is the weather like? What are the temperatures on the George River Plateau and the rest of the Golden Peninsula? What is the best way to enjoy the summer solstice?

The last week of June is an exceptional time to discover the Golden Peninsula, officially it is the first month of summer, although it rather evokes spring.

At the end of June in the Torngat Mountains there is still a lot of snow and the vast majority of the lakes are also covered with ice. On the George River Plateau the snow tongues are abundant, the lakes are partially thawed and the tundra is barely beginning to regain its summer colours.

It is the time of year when waterfalls flow at full torrent that the caribou are in calving season and also the ideal time to see the wolves and foxes coming out of the dens. It’s still too early to see icebergs parading along the Labrador coast, however the thick ice that is fragmenting is an impressive sight.

In this time of warming temperatures, polar bears, seals and walruses take the opportunity to sunbathe. Thousands of migratory birds invade the coastal islands while others migrate much further north.

At the end of June on the Golden Peninsula the WOW effect is always assured and this regardless of the number of times one visits this region.

It is impossible to see the Northern Lights since it is never completely dark, but you can enjoy the long days of sunshine at the time of the summer solstice to make a superb trek to the top of the mountains and the top of the fjords by moving easily on the long tongues of snow, which bring a whole new dimension to the landscapes. Add a fat-bike excursion on kilometers of hard and compact snow and discover the many wonders of the region differently.

In June, camping can be practiced almost anywhere in the vast wilderness of the Golden Peninsula, without any mosquitoes and as always with no tourists on the horizon.

The average daily maximum temperature at the end of June in the central part of the Torngat Mountains is 12°C, the average daily minimum is 3°C and the precipitation averages 18 mm for the month. At night temperatures can drop to -3°C. During the same day there can be peaks of up to 23°C.

One thing is certain, a visit to the Golden Peninsula in June counts several advantages:

-You will have up to 20 hours of sunshine, so you can enjoy the famous white nights and the long sunrise and sunset over the entire peninsula.

-The weather is often quite good, with little rain although Mother Nature always reserves us some surprises.

-The mountains are still snowy. You can discover beautiful landscapes with the contrast of snow and vegetation, especially in the Fields of Esker Dunes.

-The fauna and flora awaken after the long Arctic winter and thus offer excellent photographic opportunities.

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