Spring Caribou Migration and Calving – Photo Safari

Spring Caribou Migration and Calving – Photo Safari

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Written by Alain Lagacé

While the Far North of Arctic Quebec and Labrador is in the middle of a thawing period, the George River caribou herd are at the end of their calving period on the Labrador highlands.

At no other time of the year is the George’s caribou herd so concentrated in one place and so easily observable.

In early Arctic summer we can observe exceptional scenes of calving and of the females nursing their young. It is also a time when wolves closely follow the movement of the herd and it is not uncommon to see wolves attacking babies who are just a few days old.

Taking a photo safari at the end of June on spring migration and caribou calving from a bivouac camp allows you to be on the ground at the best times of the day and to follow the smallest movements of the herd. This is the best way to not miss anything and capture incredible scenes from the largest land migration in North America.

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