Quebec-Labrador Arctic in summer, a dream trip

Quebec-Labrador Arctic in summer, a dream trip

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Written by Alain Lagacé

You are looking for adventure and dream of an extraordinary trip whose memories will remain etched in your memory forever, here are some tips if you are tempted by a trip to the Far North of Quebec and Arctic Labrador.

Summer is the perfect time to visit the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula. In June, the tundra begins to reveal its thick layer of snow and change color from yellow to green. No other time of year offers so many contrasting landscapes as at the beginning of the arctic summer.

The flowers, notably the Labrador poppy, mountain avens and andromeda blue are all early species which, as soon as the heat starts, begin to fill the tundra with magnificent colors of blue, yellow and purple.

In addition to the colorful flora, the fauna also returns around mid-June to the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula. You will be able to observe the snowy owl which is the symbol of Quebec. During this period of nesting, he hunts lemmings, arctic hares and small birds. It is also the time of year when caribou, bears, wolves and foxes are busy raising their young and they move little, which makes it easier to observe them.

June 21 marks the summer solstice, so it's the longest day of the year. On the Labrador Peninsula between the 57th and the 60th parallel, there is no midnight sun at this latitude, by account we can observe the phenomenon of the white night. Although it has set, the sun does not dip far enough below the horizon to allow the night to become completely dark.

The days are very long with more than 19 hours of duration, which gives rise to long sunrises and sunsets much appreciated by photographers.

A guided tour with floatplane trips on the Golden Peninsula is an opportunity to discover the secrets of this magnificent Arctic region. Mountains, fjords, glaciers, icebergs… in Quebec-Labrador nature is very diverse.

Visiting the Labrador Fjords is the must-do activity for photographers and nature lovers. For the more active, hiking, mountain biking “fat bike” and pack rafting, are essential activities to discover the best kept secrets of the region.

Whether you are looking for thrilling activities, breathtaking landscapes or a guided excursion in the heart of nature, you will find what you are looking for during your trip.

In the land of the Inuit, fresh air and the beauty of the landscapes are guaranteed.


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