Packrafting on Hebron River in Labrador

Packrafting on Hebron River in Labrador

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Written by Alain Lagacé

Last July, the Golden Peninsula Tours team traveled to the Inner Hebron Fjord for a half-day pack raft excursion on the scenic Hebron River in Labrador. The experience ranks among the top 5 things to absolutely see and do on the Golden Peninsula.

Add an adventure activity to your next trip to the Golden Peninsula by pack rafting on the beautiful Hebron River in Labrador.

For some it is the most beautiful river in the southern part of the Torngat Mountains, while for others it is the best place to hike from the top of Labrador’s largest interior fjord.

The outstanding natural beauty of the fjord and the Hebron River comes from the sheer walls, which rise up to 800 m / 2,600 feet above the Labrador Sea. A pack raft excursion on the Hebron River is a sensational experience that gives the impression of being in an oversized universe so much that the landscapes are magnificent.

Going up the Hebron River for a little over ten kilometers you will discover a magnificent gorge deeply cut into the mountainous terrain. The Hebron Gorge is made up of magnificent tumbling waterfalls, chasms and rock faces sculpted by the pressure of the water.

It is the downstream part of the river between the gorge and the fjord ~ ​​10 km that is ideal for travelers who want to add a day trip in a pack raft to their trip.

For those who wish to book a full week pack raft on the Hebron River, they can do so by being dropped off by floatplane at the head of the river on Watershed Lake located on the Quebec-Labrador border. This route represents 52 km through the magnificent unspoiled arctic tundra landscapes.

No matter how long your excursion, a visit to the Hebron Inner Fjord will give you one of your best vacation memories.

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