Off-Trail Hiking in the Labrador Fjords

Off-Trail Hiking in the Labrador Fjords

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Written by Alain Lagacé

Labrador fjords are probably the least known and least visited on earth. These are gems of nature which all have their own charms and depending on the weather, their waters are sometimes navy blue to sometimes emerald and turquoise. Deep and narrow, they are veritable corridors which run between vertiginous walls where spectacular waterfalls plunges.

Only accessible by air from Montreal via Kuujjuaq and Wedge Hills Lodge you can get there in one day if Mother Nature is cooperative. The best way to plan a visit to the Labrador fjords is to go to a lodge near them, which allows you to get there quickly as soon as flight conditions are favorable.

Wedge Hills Lodge is located less than an hour's flight from the fjords area and from the lodge or a bivouac camp you can go on beautiful hikes and various activities while waiting for the weather to be favorable. From the lodge, the float plane allows you to reach the most secret places of these fjords in less than an hour.

To visit the fjords located in the TMNP (Torngat Mountains National Park) the regulations require landing in salt water and registering with the park.

You can also reach the fjords of the region by chartering a boat from the nearest Inuit villages, Kangiqsualujjuaq or Nain, by account this mode of transport requires much more transfer time and several hours of navigation at sea.

On the Golden Peninsula there are more than a dozen fjords, each as spectacular as the other.

Hebron Fjord is located outside the Torngat Mountains Park and is easily accessible without the park’s regulatory constraints.

Hebron Fjord is a must-see for discovering the fjords of the Golden Peninsula and is one of the most beautiful trekking and hiking trails in Labrador. Located in the southern part of the Torngat Mountains, this fjord boasts more than 45 kilometres of vertiginous cliffs, some of which are more than 800 metres high.

This 45 kilometre hike leads walkers along the cliffs, on a very accessible trail, to meet migratory birds and mammals. On the agenda: fulmars, Arctic terns, Canada geese and, of course, caribou and arctic foxes.

The Hebron North Ridge hiking circuit requires a good physical condition but remains accessible to all thanks to its reasonable terrain.

It starts at Hebron North Lake and climbs straight up to the highest point of Hebron Fjord Lake at over 800 metres / 2624 ft above sea level. Then just follow the cliff to Cirque Lake (45 km / 28 mi) where the float plane will pick you up for the return to the lodge.

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