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Written by Alain Lagacé

Let yourself be inspired by dream tours that take you to the heart of the Arctic Cordillera south ecozone.

Whether it's a trip to discover the most beautiful landscapes, natural wonders, wildlife viewing or hiking and fat-bike in the Torngat Mountains, or even excursions in pack-rafting or rafting on the most beautiful rivers that lead to the fjords of Labrador, these itineraries and travel packages offer you moments of pure happiness.

Described from day to day, each itinerary highlights the adventures and unforgettable experiences to live, the wonders to see and the discoveries to make.

The Golden Peninsula Tours are for individuals and small groups who want to be away from mass tourism to discover natural treasures and to encounter Arctic wildlife.

Upon your arrival at Wedge Hills Lodge on the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula you are immersed in the adventure. The famous George River is right in front of the lodge and straight ahead on the horizon is your playground, where you’ll find three (3) National Parks – Torngat Mountains Park, Kuururjuaq Park and Ulittaniujalik Park.

There are also other places of interest to visit where we made fascinating discoveries last summer, such as the Eskers on the George River plateau, the Secret Garden of the Monoliths in the Torngat Mountains and the treks above the fjords.

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