New Hiking Trail - Eskers and Canyons of Labrador

New Hiking Trail - Eskers and Canyons of Labrador

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Written by Alain Lagacé

290 km east of Kuujjuaq are the Highlands of Quebec and Labrador. This is where we find the Laurentian Divide also called the Northern Divide which divides the direction of water flow in North America at the level of the Canadian Shield.

This region is home to magnificent geological wonders such as long eskers and deep canyons that have never been visited by hikers. It is now possible to discover the wonders of this region from a well-supervised trip.

8 points that make this trail a must:

-The Esker Northern Divide is an exceptional hiking trail with a 360º view over the tundra.

-Fraser Canyon is a 568 m deep gorge that stretches over 100 km.

-Dry Canyon is a deep gorge of 350 meters and dried over more than 1.5 km.

-Tumble Canyon is the remnant of a glacial channel which forms a narrow, almost impenetrable scree canyon.

-Thunder Falls is an authentic treasure hidden at the bottom of the Fraser Canyon in Labrador. At a height exceeding 100 meters and more than 20 meters wide at its base.

-Fraser Falls is the highest waterfall that plunges into Canyon Fraser, its height exceeds 230 meters.

-Diversified postglacial landscape – Eskers, kettles, drumlins, kames and erratic boulders.

- Arctic fauna – caribou, wolf, fox, lemming, snowy owl, peregrine falcon.

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