Must-See Landscapes in Labrador

Must-See Landscapes in Labrador

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Written by Alain Lagacé

For seeing extraordinary landscapes, the Labrador coast is unrivaled. It offers a wide variety of landscapes transformed by coastal geology and spectacular rock formations that alone are enough to inspire any photographer looking for shots that show the rich diversity of the coastal environment of northern Labrador.

Just follow the coast along the Iceberg Alley to discover vertiginous cliffs with countless lines of black basalt that reveal shapes in the stone.

Few places on earth allow you to observe such a geological transformation, a vestige of the tectonic forces and lava flows that lifted the continental plate to form the Torngat Mountains (more than 180 million years ago). Yet here on the coast of Labrador over more than 300 km, the landscapes are a real open book on the Quaternary era.

We also find the Tablelands which offer a spectacle of facies on the vertiginous cliffs at more than 1219 meters / 4000 feet above the Labrador Sea. There are also magnificent rocky needles, countless coastal caves and of course the famous Labrador fjords and canyons which add to the breathtaking landscapes of mountains and icebergs.

Wherever the eyes go, there are always photogenic landscapes to fill a memory card. A photographic tour by floatplane or a trek on this mythical coast, takes you to tread these settings at the end of the world surprisingly alive by its natural works.

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