Lemmings Secret – Canada’s Far North

Lemmings Secret – Canada’s Far North

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Written by Alain Lagacé

One of the smallest mammals in the Arctic tundra of Canada’s Far North reveals its secrets in a short documentary « Secret de Lemmings » which has just been published on Radio Canada’s La Semaine Verte.

Our videographers and photographers partners Cécilia and Fabrice Simon participated in this report by capturing fascinating and so realistic images that give the impression of being live on site.

On this remote site lost in the middle of the tundra of arctic Québec where we had settled our "Nature Camp" for a week we could not make 10 meters without seeing a lemming’s den-site and they were some running everywhere. We have seen snow owls, marsh owls, ravens, caribou and even polar bears within 10 km.

We will see what the next nature camp has in store for us.

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