Hike between Eskers, Canyons and Cascades in Quebec-Labrador - Summer 2020

Hike between Eskers, Canyons and Cascades in Quebec-Labrador - Summer 2020

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Written by Alain Lagacé

Want to hike on the Quebec-Labrador peninsula? Of a trek in total complete autonomy? To discover postglacial landscapes, waterfalls, canyons and to make unique encounters with wildlife? This is what the Highlands of the Golden Peninsula offers you.

Hiking in the highlands of the Quebec-Labrador peninsula is like going to a forgotten land that nobody knows - everything is to be discovered.

This trip is for independent hikers who wish to live a hiking experience with contrasting landscapes and truly wild.

Going on a self-guided hike / trek off marked trails is an exciting experience, especially when it is easy to find your bearings.

The Esker Northern Divide trail has everything from an easy to follow natural trail.

From the top of the crest of the esker which rises from 10 to 50 meters above the arctic tundra you can see far ahead of the path that winds through the postglacial landscapes, easily recognize the lakes that stand out in the horizon, anticipate the most significant points, follow the head river which leads to the Dry Canyon and perceive the branch at the Fraser Canyon.

This is the kind of natural trail where the many natural landmarks allow access to a truly wild walking area without worrying about getting lost.

The esker trail is also a great place to make unpredictable encounters with wildlife - caribou, wolves, foxes, snowy owls and lemmings make them their natural habitat.

We offer 8 and 15 day autonomous hikes (depending on your explorer spirit) that lead from the Esker Northern Divide to the Dry Canyon and the Fraser Canyon.

About the Northern Divide hike - from Esker Lake to Fraser Canyon: the total distance of the hike is 52 km. The trail that leads to the bottom of the Dry Canyon adds 9 km to the hike.

The Dry Canyon is definitely worth a visit – waterfalls, underground river, colorful walls, geological wonders, ... you will never want to leave.

Explorer-style hikers who want to take the time to explore the esker, canyons and waterfalls will need to plan 15 days from Montreal.

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Alain Lagacé – alain@goldenpeninsulatours.com

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