Fabrice Simon – Photographing the Tundra Black Bear

Fabrice Simon – Photographing the Tundra Black Bear

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Written by Alain Lagacé


The initial approach is over, the bear has spotted us! Now we must communicate with him, explains Fabrice Simon with his camera in hand.

This bear is master of its territory. If we want to approach it, we have to show that we are not here to confront it.

Approaching a bear in its natural habitat requires taking your time, moving slowly, remaining calm and giving it specific signals. Look, the bear lowers its head and has stopped feeding, it is watching us discreetly, it's time to communicate with it.

I pick a few berries, put them in my mouth, taste them and chew them loudly. I turn my back on him, it reassures him. He should understand that we are not in predatory mode.

To approach it we must cross its path by turning its back on it and without looking at it, it will have advantage over us so let’s stay vigilant.

After a while the bear walks around us slowly and comes to take our scent in the wind.

Standing on his two legs, his nose in the air, he looks at us and after a few seconds, he turns his back on us and continues his way slowly. We are identified, our presence is indifferent to him.

[Look, the bear lowers its head and has stopped feeding, it is discreetly watching us, it's time to communicate with it.]

We are now 20 meters from the bear and the Nikon is singing in bursts.

It is this kind of animal approach that we are used to doing with Fabrice Simon. We secure scenes and we gradually approach the animal by communicating our intentions to it.

Living the experience of approaching this unique species of black bear in the arctic tundra biome of the far north of Quebec-Labrador is a sensational experience that we offer to wildlife photographers and nature lovers.


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