Excursion to the Secret Garden of the Monoliths in Labrador

Excursion to the Secret Garden of the Monoliths in Labrador

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Written by Alain Lagacé

Just 100 miles east of Wedge Hills Lodge, the southern Arctic Cordillera ecozone is home to one of Labrador’s most secret places. Located out of sight, this interior region of the Torngat Mountains is rich in granitic sand.

Over the millennia water and wind have shaped this loose metamorphic rock to transform it into magnificent monoliths of all shapes and sizes. Depending on the angle of the sun, the stone changes color depending on the brightness and humidity it contains.

By taking beautiful walks or mountain biking on the rounded mountain peaks, you can discover magnificent erosion monoliths - the penguin-like rock, Trolls shoes, the gourd, the dinosaur egg, the mushroom, the muffin, the face of the bear...

Some of these natural works of art are gigantic, some are over 10 meters in height and weight tens of tons.

Choose your favorite activity to discover the Secret Garden of the Monoliths: hiking, mountain biking, wilderness camping or an organized trip.

The Secret Garden of the Monoliths area is also home to a comprehensive collection of arctic and subarctic wildlife. Land mammals include black bears, the George River caribou herd, wolves, foxes and lemmings.

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