Excursion to Merewether Crater in the Torngat Mountains

Excursion to Merewether Crater in the Torngat Mountains

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Written by Alain Lagacé

Explore one of the Golden Peninsula's most unique attractions with this excursion to Merewether Crater located near Labrador's largest inland fjord. If there is one place in the Torngat Mountains where the mystery could not be more complete, it is Merewether Crater in northern Labrador.

Its almost perfect circular shape and emerald waters create a breathtaking panorama. With a diameter of 200 meters by 50 meters deep, Merewether was formed almost 900 years ago and remains a mysterious and little-known crater.

[Since its discovery in 1943, more than 80 years ago, Merewether still remains an unsolved enigma.]

Merewether is on the list of possible meteorite impact structures, but there are elements that make this hypothesis questionable. Maybe it's a sinkhole? or perhaps it was formed by the explosion of a methane bubble, just like the crater that appeared in Siberia in 2017 and which became a small lake. Since its discovery in 1943, more than 80 years ago, Merewether still remains an unsolved enigma.

Dream landscape for photographers

Merewether is a masterpiece of nature that adds a touch of magic that enhances the beauty of its surroundings. The juxtaposition of emerald waters with desert landscapes creates an exceptional canvas. The reflection of light on the fine particles of rock flour suspended in the water gives rise to the surreal green color of the lake.

Captivating sites for hiking

The Merewether region is accessible to hikers who dream of unexplored craters and natural wonders. A trek in this region of the Torngat Mountains offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature. Near the crater there are several wonders to discover, such as the unexplored box canyon, the Hebron River, countless falls and cascades and the largest inland fjord in Labrador – Hebron Fjord Lake.

Merewether Day Trip

Your journey will begin at Wedge Hills Lodge on the banks of the George River where you will be picked up by an expert floatplane pilot guide. You will fly over the high plateau of the George River for .45 minutes where you will see countless glacial lakes, eskers and polygonal ground with astonishing geometry.

On this desert land, you will reach the Merewether crater after a half-hour walk on the rocky tundra. Arriving at the crater lake, you will be immersed by its color. A hike around the crater will allow you to enjoy breathtaking wilderness views.

Afterwards, you will return to the floatplane to go to Hebron Fjord Lake, you will discover enormous waterfalls and the bluish waters of the fjord with fantastic panoramas. Don't miss this trip to discover the beauty and uniqueness of the Torngat Mountains.

VIDEO -The Impact Crater in Canada; Merewether Crater

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