Camping, cycling and hiking in Quebec-Labrador

Camping, cycling and hiking in Quebec-Labrador

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Written by Alain Lagacé

Do you dream of seeing the sun rise on a Labrador fjord? To set up your tent on top of the Torngat Mountains range? To see the northern lights dancing above your head and to wake up in the morning with the stunning view of the peaks pointing above the clouds?

So go on a trip with the only company of your backpack or a bike and discover the pleasure of wilderness camping on the Golden Peninsula.

Hiking and camping on the Hebron’s Fjord North Ridge and the Esker’s Northen Divide trail, lead directly to the most beautiful spots - waterfalls that flow from the top of the cliffs, 360-degree views of the fjords and canyons, snow-capped peaks, geological formations, tumultuous gorges…

The boldest who prospect a destination where they will be the first to ride an all-terrain bike on these Arctic lands, will be delighted to learn that much of these trails makes it possible to combine hiking and cycling.

A trip between mid-June and mid-July allows you to see the fauna and flora that awakens after the long Arctic winter. It’s the time of the year when the sun hardly sets. If you go at that time, it will be practically clear 24 hours a day. The Sun, although set for a few hours does not descend sufficiently below the horizon to allow the night to become completely dark, is the phenomenon of the «White Night». This results in very long sunrises and sunsets.

If camping is your business and you would like to experience exciting adventures in Arctic Quebec and Labrador, then discovering these trails by hiking/biking camping will please you.

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