Best Hike in the Labrador Fjords

Best Hike in the Labrador Fjords

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Written by Alain Lagacé

If you haven't yet seen the largest freshwater fjord in Labrador with your own eyes, then here is an escapade that will make you want to!

Among all the fjords in the Torngat Mountains region of Labrador, Hebron Fjord Lake is an exceptional fjord, it is the only fjord whose plateau covers several tens of kilometers without an impassable obstacle. It is a hiking area with extraordinary panoramas that can please all levels of hikers.

Hiking above the fjord allows you to capture a wide variety of landscapes – peaks, waterfalls, gorges, torrents, deltas, canyons, green valleys, sandy beaches, cliffs in shades of rust, of gray and the deep blue waters are remarkable.

From the floatplane drop-off point at 410 meters (1,300 feet) above sea level, a 9-kilometer natural path leads to the Hebron Plateau 810 meters (2,650 feet) above the fjord.

The 396 meters (1,300 feet) difference in altitude is gradual throughout the route and criss-crosses an environment composed of ground with low plant cover which is dotted with piles of stones of all sizes.

"Beautiful and astonishing at the same time, Hebron Fjord Lake, with a depth of 810 meters (2,650 feet) and a width of 2 kilometers, bears witness to 200 million years of geological history."

Arriving above the fjord, the spectacle is striking, it’s the instant “Wow” effect. The 360° view allows you to see one of the greatest natural masterpieces on the entire Labrador coast.

The panoramic view of the fjord is impressive and makes you aware of the very particular geography of Labrador: a coast jagged and chiselled by the fjords which deeply cut into the Torngat Mountains chain over several tens of kilometers.

In less than a day's walk, it is possible to reach the Hebron Fjord Lake plateau, an ideal site for an aerial hike in the Labrador fjords.

Guided trek above Hebron Fjord Lake

  • August 8-14, 2024: Fully booked
  • August 14-21, 2024: Four (4) places are available



August 2022

9-day solo trek

Jacob Lapointe. Rocky Harbor, NFLD

I traveled solo on the plateau above Hebron Fjord Lake from east to west for more than 40 km, I encountered caribou, rock ptarmigan, saw Peregrine Falcons and discovered stunning landscapes that will stay with me in memory forever.

July 2022

Guided trek above Hebron Fjord Lake

Jacques Paquin. Montreal, Quebec.

Moving, grandiose, majestic, there are many superlatives to describe what contact with this fjord is. Thanks to Amanda, Fabrice and Alain for managing and organizing this fantastic trip.

July 2022

Amazing trip !

Patrick, California, USA.

Words cannot describe the gorgeous view from the top of the fjord on a glorious sunny day. This was an amazing trip, and I am glad I joined.

Photo credit: Jacob Lapointe

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