Bear Viewing Tours on the Georges River in Arctic Quebec

Bear Viewing Tours on the Georges River in Arctic Quebec

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Written by Alain Lagacé

Get to know the black bear on this one-day (1) wildlife photography tour in the Georges River Valley.

The Georges Valley is renowned for its high concentration of black bears and is one of the best places on the Gold Peninsula to observe them in the fall when they feed on berries. Although it is not uncommon to see 10 to 15 bears on the river in a single fall day, they can also be seen in June and July as they feed on fresh grass.

Your adventure begins at Wedge Hills Lodge at 08: 30 when you and your guide board a super jet boat and go on a tour of the famous George River. While navigating on the river, from the first kilometers you will see black bears in the clearings, along the shore and on the bare mountainside. Along the way, keep an eye out for wolves and caribou that sometimes run along the banks and cross the river.

Accompanied by an experienced naturalist guide from « Golden Peninsula Tours », and a professional wildlife photographer, you will stop in the places where black bears live and hike to approach them and observe their behavior without disturbing them. Located at the crossroads of the Arctic and sub-Arctic tundra in the far north of Arctic Quebec, then bordered to the east by the Torngat Mountains range, the Georges River valley is surrounded by beautiful scenic landscapes of mountains, canyons, gorges and waterfalls.

All photographers and nature lovers who want to see bears in their natural habitat will be delighted by this exciting excursion.

Bear Viewing Tour on the George River

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