Aurora and Polar Bears Tour in Arctic Quebec

Aurora and Polar Bears Tour in Arctic Quebec

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Written by: Alain Lagacé

If you are planning a trip to Arctic Quebec, you are in luck, because the far north of La Belle-Province is in the heart of the auroral zone, where the northern lights occur.

When the night sky is clear and dark enough, the Northern Lights are often there with glows of blue, purple, pink, yellow and green lighting up the night. From mid-August the spectacle of the Northern Lights is almost always part of a trip to the far north of Arctic Quebec and Labrador.

In addition to the incredible spectacle of the Northern Lights, a trip to the Golden Peninsula in August adds the opportunity to see polar bears as thousands of Arctic char swim up the rivers to spawn, attracting also other predators. There are rivers where you can see black bears and polar bears fishing. Caribou are often unexpected; we sometimes come across them in the same areas frequented by bears.

Do you want an experience that is out of the ordinary? Try an excursion to the Far North of Arctic Quebec and Labrador on the Golden Peninsula. It is a true wild paradise surrounded by seas, oceans, and deep fjords where nature has remained intact for millennia.

Whether it's seeing the Northern Lights, observing wildlife, visiting natural sites, there are plenty of things to do and see. If you would like to add a visit to the Torngat Mountains National Park with its many fjords to your trip, let us know.

The Golden Peninsula in Arctic Quebec and Labrador is a fascinating region to visit throughout the short Arctic summer and August is a great time that offers plenty to see and do.

Photo copyright: Fabrice Simon

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