Air Safari in the Torngat Mountains

Air Safari in the Torngat Mountains

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Written by Alain Lagacé

To appreciate the incredible diversity of the majestic Arctic landscapes of the far north of Quebec and Labrador, you have only one option: the view of the sky.

Get on board a floatplane or helicopter and fly over incredible panoramas with snow-capped peaks, deep fjords and breathtaking waterfalls. See gigantic icebergs and try to spot polar bears, walruses and whales below.

Of all the sites of interest in the far north of Arctic Quebec and Labrador, none equals the mountains and fjords of the eastern part of Ungava, the Torngat Mountains. The Torngat Mountains are a 30.067 km2 mountain range of the Labrador Peninsula at the northern tip of Newfoundland and Labrador and in eastern Quebec. They are part of the Arctic Cordillera.

On a clear day, the snow-capped summit of Mount D'Iberville 1.652 m can be seen more than 200 km away. The Torngat Mountains occupy a very special place in the hearts of Quebecers and Labradorians as they led to the creation of two (2) national parks - Torngat in 2008 and Kuururjuaq in 2009.

Going on an aerial safari on the Gold Peninsula is:

  1. Walking on the snowy peaks
  2. Having lunch by the sea
  3. Observing polar bears
  4. Listening to the deafening sound of waterfalls
  5. Exploring canyons
  6. Tasting iceberg ice
  7. Admiring the Northern Lights
  8. Discovering monoliths
  9. Relaxing in a spa
  10. Contemplating the magnificent landscapes of the fjords

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