15 Places to visit in the Canadian Far North… far from mass tourism

15 Places to visit in the Canadian Far North… far from mass tourism

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Written by Alain Lagacé

If you are like more and more travellers and are looking for a tourist destination away from big cities and mass tourism, then the Canadian Far North will please you.

With its vast wilderness, Canada ranks first among the best countries to visit.

The stunning beauty of the Arctic and sub-Arctic tundra landscapes of the Far North makes travellers dream of a wilderness destination.

Nunavik – Arctic Quebec

Located between Hudson Bay and Ungava Bay, Nunavik is more than 500,000 km2 and is really different from the rest of Quebec. Nunavik has four national parks open to visitors. Tursujuq Park is located on the east coast of Hudson Bay, Pingualuit on the west coast of Ungava Bay, and Kuururjuaq and Ulittaniujalik Parks are located in the far east of Nunavik near the Quebec-Labrador border.

Labrador Peninsula

The Labrador Peninsula is located at the same latitude as Nunavik, between Ungava Bay and the Labrador Sea. It is home to the highest mountain range in continental Canada east of the Rockies, the famous Torngat Mountains. Torngat Mountains National Park covers much of the southern Arctic Cordillera.

Here are 15 places in Canada’s Far North that will make you want to get away from crowds.

1-Labrador Plateau

Attend the spring migration of the Georges River caribou herd.

2-Kaumajet Mountains

Hike the summit of Brave Mountain (1,300 m) and the Table Lands (780 m) as you admire the icebergs on the Labrador Sea.

3-Mount D'Iberville

Climb to the top of Mount D'Iberville (1,600 m), clinging to the cliff with stunning views over Nachvack Fjord.

4-Hebron North Ridge Trail

Take a guided trek to the top of Labrador’s largest interior fjord to admire the Torngat Mountains range.

5-Esker Northen Divide Trail

Hike the Esker Northern Divide trail (52 km), which winds through the plateau of the George River and Labrador to the Fraser Canyon.

6-Iceberg Alley

Photograph icebergs in the Iceberg Alley and taste iceberg ice.

7-Valley of the Moraine Desert

Explore the postglacial landscapes of the Moraine Desert Valley by mountain bike.

8-Georges River

Boating on the Georges River to observe black bears in their natural habitat.

9-Secret Garden of the Monoliths

Explore the Secret Garden of the Monoliths to be the first to photograph dozens of erosion monoliths with unusual shapes.

10-Kiglapait Mountains

Trek the Kiglapait Mountains in complete autonomy and watch the sunrise over the Labrador Sea.

11-George River Plateau

Observe wolves and foxes as they come out of the dens.

12-Crater Merewether

Hike around the Merewether Crater to try to unravel its mystery.

13-White Bear Island

Walk the cliffs of White Bear Island to observe the polar bear in its natural habitat.


14-Pingualuit Crater 

Hike around the exceptional meteoritic crater Pingualuit (17 km).

15-Les Domes

Trek on the peaks of the Domes, to discover the landscapes contrasted by a green valley, with long sandy beaches and turquoise and aqua marine waters.

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