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Aerial Safaris

Aerial Safaris in Torngat
Mountains & Coastal Labrador

The Torngat Mountains are a mountain range on the Labrador Peninsula at the northern tip of Newfoundland and Labrador and eastern Quebec. They are part of the Arctic Cordillera. The mountains form a peninsula that separates Ungava Bay from the Atlantic Ocean.

The Torngat Mountains have a substantial geographical extent. About 56% of the range is located in Quebec, 44% is in Labrador, and the remainder, less than 1%, is located on Killiniq Island in Nunavut. At least 2% of the mountain chain is under water, and poorly surveyed. The Torngat Mountains cover 30,067 square kilometres (11,609 sq mi), including lowland areas and extend over 300 km (186 mi) from Cape Chidley in the north to Hebron Fjord in the south. The Torngat Mountains have the highest peaks of eastern continental Canada.

Torngat Mountains are among the oldest on Earth and have been dated at roughly 3.6 to 3.9 billion years old!

“The regions of nunavik and northern labrador are virtually uninhabited by humans – only a few low-population inuit communities can be found along the coastal areas, while the interior territory is vacant of any human settlement.”

It is a land of ethereal beauty; rugged sweeping mountains and meandering rivers. Due to the severity of the climate for most of the year, animal and fish species are among the toughest in the world in order to survive.

Travel in the comfort of your own private aircraft to view and photograph caribou, polar bear, arctic wolves, peregrine falcon, golden eagle, majestic mountains with fjords cutting inward from the sea, icebergs and surging waves slamming the rock faces along the coast. Am impressive display of natural, rugged beauty that most probably cannot be repeated elsewhere. This tour is a definite must-do for visitors to the region!

Icebergs off the</br>labrador Coast

Icebergs off the
labrador Coast

10,000 year old glacial giants

Fraser<br/>River Valley

River Valley

A geological trench stretching 105 km



Former moravian mission founded in 1831

Uniform whiskey Juliet at your service

Uniform whiskey
Juliet at your service

The Beaver has become one of the more iconic aircraft to have been produced in Canada. Shortly after the end of the Second World War, de Havilland Canada made the decision to orient itself towards civilian operators, and has since been primarily operated as a bush plane due to it’s STOL (short take-off and landing) performance and all-metal construction.

Uniform Whiskey Juliet comes fully equipped with seating for 4, including an intercom for all passengers in order for guests to learn from pilot and guide, Richard Hume, during the voyage. During non-critical periods of flight, guests can ask questions and interact with Richard to understand what they are seeing below and fully benefit from the experience.

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