Fat-Bike Adventure on the Esker Northern Divide

Fat-Bike Adventure on the Esker Northern Divide

Go on a Fat-Bike ride on the Esker Northern Divide Trail and drive freely through the postglacial landscapes of the Arctic Quebec and Labrador Peninsula. To start the tour, you will be picked up at Wedge Hills Lodge at 08:30 by your travel guide where you will embark on a float plane to Esker Lake. During this flight of approximately .40 minutes you will fly over the magnificent postglacial landscapes of the southern ecozone of the Arctic Cordillera. Riding on the Esker Northern Divide by fat bike is an amazing adventure! From the top of these moraine ridges that stretch for tens of kilometers and up to 50 m high, you will discover the exceptional postglacial landscapes of the Golden Peninsula.

While pedaling, you will see fascinating places that are conducive to wildlife and Arctic flora. Keep a close look at the highest ridges of eskers snaking through the mountains, as you might see the raven, a snowy owl on a rock or ptarmigan. In the sandy slopes, wolves, foxes and lemmings can be found. Caribou also use these ridges to cross the lakes. Riding fat-bikes on esker ridges is always synonymous with unpredictable discoveries and this includes plants of all kinds.

In July, the most sheltered flanks of the eskers create micro green oases with pretty arctic wildflowers. In these untouched oases are hidden treasures of the tundra, rare flowers that have adapted to the Arctic climate, such as the Crepis Nana and others that grow in the most isolated polar regions of the world, such as the Poppy of Iceland. There is also an amazing species of mosses that grows very slowly and can live up to 4000 - 5000 years and more; there is creeping dwarf birch and flowers that have no stem at all! All these botanical wonders are to discover as you move fat-bike on esker ridges that wind like paths through the tundra.

Eskers also have some of the purest water sources in the world. Low in minerals and with excellent pH, esker water has an almost perfect balance. Your guide will be delighted to help you discover pure and icy springs of water that spring up near permafrost areas. This fresh water, which is only a few degrees above the freezing point, is the perfect moment to fill your water bottles and enjoy this wonder to the taste of the sky. A fat-bike day trip on the Esker Northern Divide Trail is a unique small-group experience with your Golden Peninsula guide.


Price :

Price per person: 850 $ CAD + tx

AvailableAvailable :

June 24th to September 1st, 2022

DurationDuration :

6 hours

ActivitiesActivities :

Fat-bike excursion, unpredictable encounters with wildlife, discovery of nature.

TrailheadTrailhead :

Esker Lake

Distance / dayDistance / day :

≃ 10 kilometers. The Esker Northern Divide has a total length of 16 km.

DifficultyDifficulty :


DifficultyLanguages :

French and English

SupervisionSupervision :

An experienced Golden Peninsula Tour guide who is passionate and specializes in the wilderness of the region, wildlife and photography.

HighlightsHighlights :

  • Ride a fat-bike on the esker ridges that snake through the Arctic tundra
  • Wildlife watching in places where animal life does not fear humans
  • Hikes that allow you to discover beautiful postglacial panoramas
  • The discovery of natural wonders that have never been documented to date

DepertureDeparture information :

Guaranteed departure from 4 people

DepertureGroup departures :

We suggest you join one of the group departures above if you are alone or several. Groups for this activity are limited to a maximum of 4 participants.

Good to know :

* For trips of 7 days / 6 nights, which mention them.

You get an exceptional discount on daily activities by booking them at the same time as your stay. This additional activity can be added at the time of booking, to the packages of a duration of 8 days / 7 nights, which mention it.

Customized trip:
Personalize your trip by combining activities and excursions of your choice. Ex: Add nights in bivouac under tent, create a fat-bike and rondo combo, with or without a guide, reach the Dry Canyon, the Thunder Falls and the most impressive Canyon in Eastern Canada – Fraser Canyon.


Includes :


Guided tour by fat-bike (6 hours)*


Float plane transportation between the lodge and the beginning of the trail *






English and French guide


Lunch to bring


Energy bars and drinks

Does not include :


Great weather guarantee



To take with you :


Warm and waterproof clothes


Waterproof hiking shoes


Backpack for your photo equipment, clothes and lunch


Pair of binoculars


Water canteen



Your Daily Itinerary

Additional information

Our tours are designed to help you discover the most spectacular panoramas and your guide will be delighted to show you these remarkable sites. Our hiking guides are experienced and have a great knowledge of the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula.

Important information :

Water from springs, streams, lakes and rivers is perfectly healthy to drink everywhere in Quebec-Labrador. There is no reason to buy bottled water or purify it.

Weather :

In Arctic Quebec and Labrador, the weather is the most important aspect that you will need to deal with every day. A popular saying from the Far North is: “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes, and moreover, if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes!”. It is important to understand that in the Far North of Quebec and Labrador the weather can change quickly.

Tips on what to wear :

To fully enjoy your trip to the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula, you must be happy to travel in any weather. Walk in the wind, rain and sun and embrace the elements with a sense of adventure.
We advise you to wear several layers of clothing that you can remove if you are too hot. Appropriate clothing will make your trip more enjoyable.

Local weather forecast :

The Quebec-Labrador Peninsula in summer: Average summer temperatures range from 7 ° C (45 ° F) to 16 ° C (60 ° F). In the Torngat Mountains and on the Labrador Coast, where our multi-day trips take place, the climate is colder and more variable. Average between 4 ° C (39 ° F) and 14 ° C (57 ° F). The hottest period is from the third week of July to the third week of August. During this period of warmth, it may be at the same time 20 ° to 30 ° C (68 ° F to 86 ° F) at Wedge Hills Lodge on the George River, 15 ° to 20 ° C (59 ° F to 68 ° F). ) in the Torngat Mountains and 2 ° to 12 ° C (36 ° F to 54 ° F) on the Labrador Coast.

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