Fly Fishing for Atlantic Salmon and Trophy Brook Trout


Atlantic salmon & brook trout fishing on the george river, Quebec

Test your angling skills at one of the most remote lodges in North America, accessible only by air. Wedge Hills Lodge is located on the famous George River, splendid and endless, wild and impetuous, with countless rapids where the king of the river, the Atlantic salmon, fight their way against the current in impressive numbers year after year.

In addition to Atlantic salmon fishing, you can also fish these cold waters for other popular species that abound and reach unparalleled sizes in the vast north such as landlocked arctic char, brook trout, lake trout and northern pike.

Over the years, the George River has become one of the world's most famous rivers for Atlantic salmon fishing. With average daily catches between 10-20 lbs (reaching over 30 lbs in some cases!), and access to 30 miles on one of the most virgin and wild river systems in the world, the territory offers an unforgettable adventure to even the most experienced of anglers. 

Guided daily outings to different fishing pools by 22' freighter canoe with 30 HP jet motors is an experience in itself.  All guides have extensive experience on the water and in navigating the rapids to ensure clients' safety.  To enhance the experience, migrating caribou from the George River Herd and a large number of black bears can be seen while traveling the river. 

Angler's can enjoy trout for a fresh shore lunch or an evening dinner, however, we encourage catch and release best practices for all species in order to sustain these precious resources for future generations. Atlantic salmon fishing is strictly catch and release.


Fly fishing recommendations

  • 9-10 foot fly rod (8 or 9 weight)

  • A breakdown 4-piece rod is best for travel

  • 200-250 yards of 30 lb. test backing

  • Leaders for salmon: #8-15

  • leaders for char and brook trout: #4-8

  • For wet flies, riffle hitch knot is recommended


Atlantic salmon, landlocked arctic char

***brook trout, lake trout, northern pike closes September 7th***

The fresh run of Atlantic salmon begins around the first week in August and continues until the end of September.  The occasional black salmon, landlocked arctic char and northern pike, and an abundance of brook trout and lake trout are present all season.

While it is well-known that Atlantic Salmon populations have declined in many regions in recent years, the runs observed on the George River in 2016, 2017 and 2018 have produced more large salmon, and in greater quantities than the 30 previous seasons. 

Sustainable and ethical Atlantic salmon fishing practices are at the forefront of every fishing expedition at Wedge Hills Lodge.  The thrill of hooking this aggressive "king of the river" on a fly rod is almost as satisfying as feeling the power in its tail as it is released back into the depths. 


Recommended Fly Patterns for Atlantic Salmon

(wet / dry) for Atlantic salmon in sizes 8/6/4/2

  • Black bear green butt

  • Rusty rat

  • Rhulin's riot

  • Black muddler minnow

  • Blue or silver doctor

  • Green pearl

  • Black, brown and green Bomber

  • Green machine bug

  • Muddler minnow

  • Green highlander

Recommended Fly Patterns for Landlocked Char and Brook Trout

(wet / dry) for char and brook trout in sizes 12/10/8/6

  • Chernobyl ant

  • Sculpin

  • Mickey finn

  • Wooly bugger

  • Double bunny

  • Bomber

  • Ausable and royal wulff